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frequently asked questions

premiumsync | frequently asked questions

premiumsync | frequently asked questions

Premiumsync | frequently asked questions

Q: How is the net rate calculated in workers’ compensation?

A. The net rate is calculated by applying policy modifiers (policy discounts, experience mods, etc.) to individual class rates. Each net rate is applied to applicable exposure to calculate earned premium each payroll.

Q: Does PremiumSync handle anniversary date rating and mid-term experience mod changes?

A. Each time the policy is endorsed, PremiumSync evaluates the endorsement for rate changes. Any time rates change, PremiumSync updates the rates using the effective date of the endorsement as effective date for the new rates. PremiumSync maintains a rate history for each policy term.

Q: What are the acceptable file formats for payroll upload?

A. Microsoft Excel (New XLSX format), Microsoft Excel (97-2003), Paychex PDF file, tab delimited, or comma delimited (.xlsx, .xls, .csv, or .txt).

Q: I’ve been uploading my payroll successfully but with this payroll file I’m getting an error. What happened?

A. Check the file you are attempting to upload and make sure it is in the exact same format as your prior files. If you have added a column, moved a column or added a second spreadsheet, it may cause an error. You can either modify your file to make it exactly the same as your previous file or contact our PremiumSync administrator so we can adjust your file registration to reflect your new file layout.

Q: What do I need to do if I change my bank account?

A. The ACH authorized user for your company has a link on the home screen (Banking Information) where they can click to edit the current banking information on file. If your ACH PIN is expired you can generate a new one by clicking on “User Management”, then click on “Send ACH Link/PIN” button next to the username of the person that will be providing the new ACH authorization.

Q: Where can I view details about the premium I am being billed for?

A. All current and previously billed transactions are stored within PremiumSync. To access this information click on “View Policy Info” from the PremiumSync home screen. Select the appropriate business entity or location in the drop down box displayed on the Policy Summary screen, then click the “Continue” button. You can now access your Earned Premium and ACH History via the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen. Click on the “View Details” link next to any specific transaction to download a copy of the payroll details that were used to calculate the transaction premium.

Q: My business is seasonal. What if I don’t have a payroll file?

A. Use the REPORT ZERO PAYROLL feature on the Home Page of the PremiumSync system.

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You can reach the Union Standard PremiumSync administrator 
Toll Free at 855-543-7975

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