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premiumsync what to expect

premiumsync what to expect

Premiumsync | what to expect

PremiumSync works best with payroll systems that allow you to export a summary of your payroll report as an Excel spreadsheet or Text file. Other reporting options are available, including a template or on-line entry. The Union Standard PremiumSync administrator will be happy to discuss these options with you.

The Basics

The PremiumSync site will accept weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payroll periods. A mixture of those payroll periods is also acceptable if you have different payroll frequency for your hourly and exempt employees.

We ask that you report your payrolls to the PremiumSync website within two business days of cutting payroll checks. An email reminder will be sent if a payroll report is not received as expected. You have the ability to “Report Zero Payroll” if your business has seasonal operations.

An estimated premium will be calculated based on your reported payrolls.

We will send you an email on Thursday following your payroll report upload with details of your estimated premium. If you see any errors or have questions about the amount, please contact our PremiumSync administrator immediately. We can stop the ACH if we know about the error before Friday at noon (CST). If the estimated premium looks correct, we will sweep (draft) the premium for your workers’ compensation insurance from your checking or savings account on the Friday night following your payroll report upload.

Your ultimate premium may vary from the policy premium if your actual payrolls vary from the policy estimates, if a payroll file is not sent to us, or if policy conditions or classifications change during the year. An audit at the end of your policy term will be conducted and any additional premium will be billed to you. If we collected too much premium, the extra premium will be refunded to you.

If you have difficulty with the PremiumSync Workflow

Not all clients have the administrative staff to upload their payroll reports on a scheduled basis. If you are unable to manage the PremiumSync process, please let us know and we will attempt to give you other payment options.

Set-up is Easy

We will walk you through the process. We ask that you have these details available:

  • Contact information for the individual who will be uploading payroll reports to the PremiumSync website
  • Contact information for an individual who can authorize bank ACH transactions
  • Your bank account information for the ACH
  • A copy of a prior payroll report
  • An understanding of what your payroll report includes (whether the Wages column includes overtime and tips or is strictly wages, etc.)

Avoid Common Pitfalls

  • Most system reminders and communications will be sent via email. Please add “” to your contact list. If you have strong email filtering, please add our email address to the safe list on your email system.
  • Please do not re-use employee numbers in your payroll system. If you replace an employee, please assign the replacement a new employee number.
  • If you change your payroll software or the payroll report you submit to us in ANY way, please notify us.
  • If your bank blocks electronic transfers from your bank account (high security), you need to authorize our ACH vendor with your bank. Please ask the Union Standard PremiumSync administrator for details.
  • Report uninsured subcontractors throughout the policy term vs. waiting for audit.
    Ask the Union Standard PremiumSync administrator how.
  • Failure to upload a payroll report or multiple NSFs may mean that your policy will no longer be eligible for the PremiumSync program. If that occurs, your policy will be subject to cancellation.

Contact us

You can reach the Union Standard PremiumSync administrator 
 Toll Free 855-543-7975

These descriptions provide general information only. This is not a statement of contract and does not constitute a binder of insurance. Any coverage advertised herein is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

What People are saying

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"The adjuster was just awesome. She kept us informed and was a joy to work with"

"When I called or emailed I got a response right away and the bill explains the break down very well."

"The insured stated that Union Standard has remained consistent in providing him with professional efficient service."

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"They kept us in the loop during the claims process."

"The insured said the service was wonderful. They were professional and answered her questions right away. "

“ The insured said this was a very complicated claim to begin with. Additional damages were found after the initial inspection and he was very impressed with how easily they were accepted. The adjuster was professional and he is very satisfied with the service.”

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