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privacy breach and cyber liability

privacy breach and cyber liability

privacy breach and cyber liability

Growing privacy breach threats and costs

Small and mid-size businesses face growing privacy breach threats and costs. 43% of cyber-attacks struck companies with less than 250 workers.* It is estimated that 30% of the world’s top websites are not secure, and 68% of business do not have cyber insurance coverage.**

*2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report
** 80 Eye-Opening Cyber Security Statistics for 2019

Union Standard Insurance Group offers commercial insurance protection, including Privacy Breach Expense Coverage, which is the first line of defense in privacy breach preparedness, compliance and resolution. Partnering with NetDiligence®, a leader in cyber risk readiness, services are available to provide unlimited, personalized assistance to help preserve goodwill, safeguard your business reputation, help prevent regulatory sanctions or fines, avoid civil litigation, and help safeguard your business, your data and the people who trust you with their personal information.

Third Party Cyber Liability Coverage is also available for eligible policies, providing valuable coverage for Media Wrongful Acts, Network Security Wrongful Acts, and Privacy Wrongful Acts.

For USIG policyholders who want more information or how to establish a privacy breach plan, visit the secure portal site:

Please note that USIG does not endorse any companies listed in the directory of providers contained within the eRiskHub®  portal. Unless indicated or approved, payment for services provide by these companies is your responsibility.

To find out how Union Standard can help you tailor the right product to meet your privacy breach and cyber liability needs, contact a Union Standard agent.

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